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The logic of this change is that an 'ß' is a single letter whereas 'ss' obviously are two letters, so the same distinction applies as for instance between the words den and denn. Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Berlin has become the third most visited city destination in Europe. In: Jan Goossens Hrsg. Main articles: Brazilian German and Colonia Tovar dialect. German

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For polar questions, exclamations and wishes, the finite verb always has the first position. The Congress of Vienna was essentially conservative, assuring that little would change in Europe and preventing Germany from uniting. Commissioner on National Minorities. Main article: Cinema of Germany. Important brands include Hugo Boss , Escada , Adidas , Puma and Triumph. The rise of the modern natural sciences and the related decline of religion raised a series of questions, which recur throughout German philosophy, concerning the relationships between knowledge and faith, reason and emotion, and scientific, ethical, and artistic ways of seeing the world. Pforte , Tafel , Mauer , Käse , Köln from Latin porta , tabula , murus , caseus , Colonia.