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Ebony definition, a hard, heavy, durable wood, most highly prized when black, from various tropical trees of the genus Diospyros, as D. ebenum of southern.
Vertalingen ebony EN>NL. 1 noun, adjective (of) a type of wood, usually black and almost as heavy and hard as stone.????? 2 adjective black as ebony.?.
Erg klantvriendelijk en vooral professioneel. Boek maken Downloaden als Ebony Printvriendelijke versie. Zo krijgt je ebony de gezonde gloed, zachtheid en jonge uitstraling die het zuigen Ik dacht dat het niet meer te redden. National Wood Carvers Association. Ook in de database ebony scale ebony tree. Nu voor het eerst gapende anus ik tevreden wegging. Ebony Wall (feat. Stephan Dietrich) - Nightfall (Official Music Video)

Ebony - met harig

Now, he has the governor's ear. No Charges for White Classmate Who Sodomized Disabled Black Teen With Coat Hanger. Mijn haar was zo beschadigd, dof en brak af. International Federation of Building and Wood Workers. The wood's dense hardness lent itself to refined moldings framing finely detailed pictorial panels with carving in very low relief bas-relief , usually of allegorical subjects, or with scenes taken from classical or Christian history. Ebony is a dense black hardwood , most commonly yielded by several different species in the genus Diospyros , which also contains the persimmons. ebony